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2024 Ride the Rockies Training Plan Options

Designed by our training partner, USA Cycling Level 1 Coach Kathy Zawadzki, the 2024 RTR Training Plan is designed for the beginner to the intermediate rider to be on top form for Ride the Rockies.  With six days, 409 miles, and over 23,010 ft of climbing, this will be a challenging event.

If you’re gearing up for the RTR event, you couldn’t find a better coach than Kathy. She’s already aced three of them, so she knows exactly what it takes to get you ready for the challenge. With Kathy in your corner, you’ll be more than prepared to conquer the toughest obstacles with ease!

Riders investing in and following a structured plan can enhance performance and overall experience with Ride the Rockies.

The Benefits of Using a Training Plan

Structured Progression: A training plan provides a systematic approach to improving cycling abilities, allowing for a steady progression towards your goals. It outlines specific workouts, rest days, and recovery periods tailored to your fitness level and the demands of the event.

Optimal Preparation: With this well-designed training plan, you’ll be better prepared physically and mentally for the challenges of Riding the Rockies. The plan helps to build the necessary endurance, strength, and stamina required to conquer the distance and elevation of the course.

Injury Prevention: Following a structured training plan reduces the risk of overtraining and injuries by incorporating adequate rest and recovery periods.

Performance Improvement: A training plan targets key aspects of cycling performance, such as speed, power, and endurance, through various workouts, including intervals, hill climbs, and long endurance rides. Consistent training following the plan can significantly improve your performance level.

Confidence Boost: Knowing you’ve put in the time and effort to follow a professional training plan will boost confidence on race day. You’ll have the assurance that you’ve done everything possible to prepare yourself.

The Training Plan

Complimentary training guidelines available here!

Ride the Rockies plan from Training Peaks, The FAST Lab, and Coach Kathy Z is available for purchase now!

The cost of the full plan is only $109.

This 14-week training plan was crafted specifically for the demands of this year’s RTR. RTR is a challenging point-to-point affair featuring two 100-plus-mile days.

Riders are able to purchase and apply the plan with a start date of March 4th and start at any time – but don’t wait too long!

The training plan is designed for the beginner to intermediate rider to be on top form for Ride the Rockies 2024.  The plan starts with a 6 to 8-hour training week and builds up to a max of 13 to 15 hours during the highest volume phase.  Workouts are structured so riders can add or take away ride time as their schedule allows; Workouts are TIME based, with suggested mileage for longer weekend rides.

There are structured power-based workouts each week that can be ridden indoors on a smart trainer.  Many weekend rides offer both a structured ride for indoors with detailed descriptions of how to complete the ride goal out on the road.

Personalized Coaching

Are you looking for a personalized and comprehensive plan that comes with expert coaching support? Let us help you achieve your goals with a tailored approach that fits your unique needs.

The Coaching Plan package is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals by providing a customized training plan, as well as advice and coaching support. The plan begins with an initial consultation to understand your current training level and establish a realistic plan for you. Our coaching takes into account your lifestyle, work, and family commitments, ensuring that the training fits seamlessly into your daily routine. Your daily training will be posted in 4 to 6-week blocks, with a mid-point review to assess progress.

As part of the package, you’ll receive email support and a monthly coaching call. Special RTR Coaching Plan is $549 for the entire 14 weeks or can be prorated at $195 a month.  Contact Kathy, our Coaching Director, at or call 303-771-3329 for more information.  We have limited athlete spots available to ensure a quality athlete/coach experience.